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Worcester Ballpark Commission: Found it!!!

Link here

One meeting March 8th

See no other meetings scheduled

However videos say there have been 3?

Here is link to May 19th

Duties and Responsibilities of the Commission starting at 20 minutes.   

Does need seem what the cost of the Ballpark to the taxpayers is one of their duties???   

We think this should be their most important duty and responsibility.... 

Dare say:                      Maybe even their only duty and responsibility.     

Now we have:

  1. WRA
  2. City Council
  3. Ballpark Commission
Nobody can tell us how much Polar Park is costing the taxpayers.
"How much will Polar Park cost the taxpayers this fiscal year?"  
Should be an easy question to ask......


Anonymous said…
When Augustus proposed this commission You would have thought the world was coming to the end if it was not formed. Now you say they haven't met in months. You now know why people don't trust politicians.