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Question To Ray Mariano

In his recent editorial he said

"The city’s explanation that the club is more experienced at this kind of thing is rubbish. The new parking garage across from Polar Park will have naming rights negotiated by the city, without the help of the Red Sox, as will digital parking kiosks planned for downtown.  "


Editor's question

Will the WooSox take half per the terms of their lease???     



Anonymous said…
There’s a reason why his thing always says “opinion” in front of it. Half the things he says are dumb and stupid and don’t make sense at all.

In other news, have you noticed how bad JetBlue’s on time performance has been lately for Worcester? The Fort Lauderdale flight hasn’t seen it much lately (I think it departed an hour late from ORH last week twice but it’s been extremely good since the aircraft switch), but the JFK flight especially the mid day flight has been delayed a lot more recently than being on time and the evening flight as well has been delayed quite a bit, some nights not coming in till 1245. Tonight’s flight has already been cancelled so that means tomorrow’s am flight has as well since the same aircraft does both flights so I don’t get why it’s been happening. Hopefully it’s fixed soon.
Common Sense said…
Just read that Logan Airport has the most expensive weekly parking of any airport in the U.S.
Unknown said…
Read the article in today's BG about the Tidewater Landing stadium deal in RI. Talks about public funding for sports stadiums. Their building is going to be the most expensive in the soccer minor leagues. The professor from Holy Cross is quoted.
ORH Fan said…
I'm convinced that none of these airlines (JetBlue, Delta, American) really want to be at ORH but they needed something to leverage their expansion plans at Logan. These flight times are absolute garbage. The Delta flight gets into LaGuardia too late for most connections, unless you want to get to your final destination at 11pm at night. I swore off ORH a while back because of the lousy schedule. For the heck of it I looked into flying on JetBlue to Fort Myers in September and then October. On the September dates I needed it told me there were no flight options available those days. On the October dates flying to Florida would require a 7 hour layover at JFK and flying home would require a 4 1/2 hour layover at JFK. I can't see these flights lasting long-term. I hope I'm wrong but as for me, I'll stick to flying out of Providence.

Anonymous said…
All policies are dopes when it comes to spending taxpayers money on stadiums.
Even with the addition money from the State of Rhode Island the project appears to be mostly privately funded and the City of Pawtucket only seems to be on the hook for $10 million.
The article states the Governor of Rhode Island had to cast a tie breaking vote for the funding so at least there was some debate and it was not just a rubber stamp like it was in Worcester.
Finally, it goes to show the difference between our Governor and their Governor. Governor Baker invested in infrastructure which has a benefit to taxpayers not just the stadium or ballpark.
Anonymous said…
Baker takes second place to Lucchino's first place win when it comes to Polar Park. Lucchino is raking in the money, attendance light years ahead of what it was in Pawtuckett and I can only imagine what they are making on concessions and merchandising. Add to that all the advertising and naming rights in the stadium, he must look like JP Morgan to the owners of the WooSox. Now comes Governor Baker's second place finish. The commonwealth is getting income tax on all the salaries, corporate income tax on the operation of the WooSox and meals and sales tax on the concessions and merchdise sold. I would be interested how much of a return the state gets on it's investment. Now comes the City, waiting for the first building to be built. The more I think about it the worse the deal looks.
Anonymous said…
Have you noticed the amount of seats filled for the American flight to start 2022? I saw that only 28% of seats were filled on average while the LaGuardia flight with delta was around the same? JetBlue was better with 50% and the FLL flight had 80% but still a little concerning with numbers. I was at a hockey tournament this past weekend working and I mentioned the flights out of worcester and some people didn’t even realize Worcester had an airport. Had a couple of hockey teams come up from Florida and fly into Providence and Boston (tournament was in Marlborough), and they wish they knew that Worcester had an airport before they came up.
Anonymous said…
A summary of the Mariano article is a lot of City Councilors don't do much and the City has excuses when they get caught not doing their jobs( selling advertising on the garage but not at Pickett Park).