Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Parking Numbers

The proforma for FY2022 projected $845,650

In a report dated March 17, 2022  $488,485 since fiscal year 2021 ended has been transferred to account #04D81101, BallPark City DIF.    

Considering you still have March-April-May-June in FY2022, the numbers may end up being close to the projection?

At the same time the parking garage that was leased to Madison may have taken a big bite out of the parking revenues this season??   


Remember at one time we did not have a BallPark City DIF account.  

 Now evidently we do #04D81101

It should now be very easy to track DIF revenues..  


Anonymous said…
That is what I was looking for.
I may have confused the situation because I thought this was for an entire season which crossed two fiscal years.
Anonymous said…
You are probably correct that the parking revenues are for the entire first season. The March DPW report for states " to properly account for parking revenues associated with Ballpark activities since Fiscal Year 2021". I think this covers the first half of the season which occurred in FY21 (May/June 2021) and the second half of the season which occurred in the beginning of FY22 (July-September 2021). I remember from the comments that someone stated they estimated the revenues were 20% low because for a few weeks the ball park had attendance restrictions. Assuming the 20% is a good estimate an entire year of parking with no restrictions should generate $585,000 in parking revenues.
Anonymous said…
How many cars can the garage hold ? Was the $585,000 estimate based upon how many cars may park in the garage?