Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

ORH Schedule


6:28 AM ORH to 7:30AM JFK           Landed on time

1:29 PM  JFK to 2:37 PM  ORH         Landed on time

3:15 PM   ORH to 4:08 PM JFK         Schedule on time

9:5 5PM   JFK  to 11:08 PM ORH       Landed 30 minutes late 

12:15 PM FLL  to   3.35PM  ORH      Landed on time

4:20 PM  ORH to    7:24PM  FLL       Landed  on time


3:50 PM LGA   to   5:06 PM ORH      Ahead of schedule

5:51 PM ORH  to    6:51 PM  ORH    Ahead of schedule


1153 AM   JFK  to    12:54 PM ORH    Landed on time

1:47 PM   ORH to     2:59  PM   JFK       Landed on time

***  Jeremy Comment

JetBlue is expanding the A320 going to ORH into October for FLL, but it comes at a price. The flight starting September 7th leaves 

3:55 PM  FLL   to 7:00PM ORH

7:50 PM ORH to 10:56PM FLL