Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Note To Polar Park Commission

 Would it not be a good idea to start each meeting with updated income expenses sheet??


  1. Tax revenue coming in from the DIF
  2. Parking revenues
  3. Lease payments from Polar Park & Parking Garage
  4. Advertising
  5. Anything we may have missed

  1. Bond payment
  2. Anything else we may have missed

Should this not be the most important role of this commission to track the cost of the baseball stadium to the taxpayers????

Can anyone see when they have their next meeting???


Common Sense said…
Just read and article that said that Logan has the eighth most cancellations of any airport in the country this Summer.
Anonymous said…
This whole process has been confusing. You have too many cooks in the kitchen. The WRA, the "City" and now a "City" baseball park board. Who is responsible for what. Whose on first?
Anonymous said…
This confusion is intentional, IMHO.

If the truth finally comes out and it’s bad for taxpayers, the city will point to all of the “oversight” by these bodies and say that all that could be done was done. Of course it will be left out that the city signed a deal that guaranteed that the city took 100% of the risk that it could go so badly, while guaranteeing an upside to the owners of the WoosSox, no matter what.
Anonymous said…
I apologize, what does IMHO stand for?
Bill Randell said…