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July 6th Flights

 Good day yesterday


6:28 AM ORH to 7:30AM JFK           Arrived 7:54 AM   

1:29 PM  JFK to 2:37 PM  ORH        On time

3:15 PM   ORH to 4:08 PM JFK         On time 

9:5 5PM   JFK  to 11:08 PM ORH       On Time

12:15 PM FLL  to   3.35PM  ORH     On time

4:20 PM  ORH to    7:24PM  FLL       30 minutes late


3:50 PM LGA   to   5:06 PM ORH      On time

5:51 PM ORH  to    6:51 PM  ORH    On time


1153 AM   JFK  to    12:54 PM ORH   Early

1:47 PM   ORH to     2:59  PM   JFK       Early    


Anonymous said…
Any new destinations in the next few months? We need ORH-IAD or ORH-ORD on UNITED!
Anonymous said…
The best routes for ORH business wise is ORH to Atlanta using Delta, ORH to DCA using American, ORH to BWI using Baltimore, or ORH to EWR using United. Leisure wise would be ORH to MCO, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Tampa, or a seasonal service to Myrtle Beach. The first four destinations could be used with delta or JetBlue the best and Spirit’s seasonal service to Myrtle Beach works really well in other parts of the region. Hopefully by the end of the year we see another airline and/or destination announced.
Anonymous said…

Logan has multiple flights per day to these destinations, even after the reductions from pre-Covid. Pre-Covid it was like bus service. The demand is there and avoiding Logan is a big draw. Assuming people find out that Worcester has an airport…
Rusty said…
ORH to LAS would not be easy. Getting a carrier to pick up a route to the West Coast from a small time East Coast airport would require a lot a lot of convincing or a serious serious demand. PVD, MHT don’t have any West Coast flights. BDL has like 2….total. And BDL is 20x the size of ORH. Carriers don’t like expanding into transcontinental routes from small airports.
Anonymous said…
Vegas would sound like a good option but isn’t viable due to how small the airport is. If your talking about a vacation destination that’s not on the coastline, Nashville is very popular out of Boston and JFK and (out of Boston) uses the A220 aircraft. Any flight though that goes to a non Florida destination or not to a hub of an airline is risky for the airport if they want it to be successful. The Florida market will always be good for a flight out of Worcester to go too because many people have second homes in Florida and a lot of senior citizens like to go to Florida for the winter.

Spirit vote got delayed once again to next week.