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JetBlue is expanding the A320 going to ORH into October for FLL, but it comes at a price. The flight starting September 7th leaves Fort Lauderdale at 355PM and arrives at ORH at 700PM. Then leaves ORH at 750PM and arrives to FLL at 1056PM. 

Starting October 30th, the JFK to ORH flight for the “mid-day” turn turns into an early evening. Leaves JFK at 255 arrives ORH 354. Then leaves ORH 430 arrives back 529. Now the JFK flight isn’t as bad as the delta flight especially since JFK has more flights offered than LGA but it’s still not the best. 

The FLL flight being moved loses a day of vacation but doesn’t give the consequence of kids having to miss school or parents having to miss work. Not sure if it’s a great move or not but we’ll see when the time comes. 

One thing that isn’t expected to change is American’s flight to JFK is suppose to stay a mid day turn which is still good for the airport. Interesting to see what happens in the coming months.


Anonymous said…
Wow. That schedule change almost completely eliminates ORH for me as an option to get to FLL.