Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

JC Bradbury and Zimbalist




Anonymous said…
An economist with a sense of humor!
Anonymous said…
I drive thru the Kelley Square every morning and my own eyes tell me the promised development is not happening as they told us so logic says our taxes are paying for the ballpark.I would pay another dime just to have someone tell us our taxes are paying for the ballpark. I just wish the City was more transparent with this project whether it be updating the financials or showing it in their budget. I often wonder if they told us how much it would actually cost us would we have been supportive of building the ballpark?
On a side note, the building going up has to be the slowest construction I have ever seen. Day to day I don't see much progress.
Anonymous said…
One final question before I get ready to go to work, how much did the City pay Zimbalist. It must have been a lot because he is smiling from ear to ear.