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 Read Ray Mariano's opinion piece in the Telegram about the City Managers attempt to control the flow of public information. Although he does not mention Augustus' name directly he implies this type of censuring of information has been occurring for years. The City attempts to control information to cover issues. 

Polar Park is an example of this. 

When anyone questions the deal, the financial analysis etc they are labeled as negative. I recall that a comment on one of your posts stated something similar about this blog. Just because Augustus says the overall Polar Park project will make millions of the dollars does not make it so, show us. Either they assume we will believe it because they said it or the assume we will forget, so I ask that you continue to follow up on this because they seem to have scared off the Worcester Business Journal. 

This project is not like any other project I can recall in the City. Normally the City just gives tax reductions for businesses. For Polar Park the City built their facility, the ball park. Once the City admits they have a financial problem in meeting the assurances they gave us that the project they have solutions: 

1) have the WooSox pay real estate taxes (I read the lease posted and "PILOT" is an option in the lease even though they should be paying taxes and 

2) renegotiate the tax reduction deals with the developer. 

The City needs to open its eyes, realize their promise to not effect taxes is not working and cure the matter with the options described.