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Table Talk

When we first heard this we were very skeptical.

Now has been confirmed by multiple sources.

Hope this is all wrong..

Hearing that they are in big financial trouble.


Editor's note:    
In response to the first comment and to any others like this, we so hope we are wrong!!!!    FYI, they did not build the new buildings.  A developer built and leased to them.


Anonymous said…
I hope your wrong. Table Talk is an institution in Worcester and I recall when they moved they were almost 100 years old.
Common Sense said…
Maybe they bit off more than they could chew spending so much money on their new headquarters in Main South? Could be another wasted TIF.
Common Sense said…
Just read on Google News that AA is going to cut service at three small regional airports due to pilot shortages. Hopefully, ORH would be spared from any future cuts.
Anonymous said…
I honestly don’t get how American does it scheduling. Yes they’re a great airline but if you go on and look for flights out of ORH to certain destinations, American typically either isn’t part of flying out of ORH or says you’ll arrive to a place the next day and I’m not talking about midnight 1am next day, I’m saying more like afternoon the next day. Still is a great service that is offered to and from ORH at a great time as well but it doesn’t make sense, and the typical leisure traveler who doesn’t care what airline they use would more than likely use that website to see what is the cheapest option out of ORH (which most of the time Delta and JetBlue are within a very close range with a connection flight). My guess is with the northeast alliance what some flights have is a flight to JFK with American then to their final destination with JetBlue.

Also, I wonder how many people noticed that free parking at the airport is extended till September 30th. Not even the Facebook page of the airport posted about it yet (as of when this comment is being typed). Another missed opportunity for the airport to get great advertising and mention how cheap flights are to Fort Lauderdale for the summer in the newly renovated A320 planes and parking being free as well.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes I wonder if anyone is even in charge of Marketing ORH. There is no mention about JetBlue's A320 flying to ORH and the lower cost to fly to Florida, as the post above mentioned. ORH is basically word of mouth at this point.
Rusty said…
That’s because no one cares what plane flies them do their destination. Only the carrier. You don’t see southwest advertising their flights to Orlando on ‘the 737-800’ instead of the normal -700 variant. No…they advertise them as cheap flights to Florida. To be blunt no one gives a **** what the type of plane is.
Side note all these comments about the ‘new restyled’ A320 is a bit amusing. It’s nothing. Literally….it’s actually nothing. First off it’s not new, these retrofits are all about 5+ years old now. Second off they re-did the entire fleet. So its not a different special plane. It’s just their normal A320. Just like every other one that flies to Boston or any other JB destination. JB just called them the ‘restyled’ ones back in the day when they where in the process of changing them out and never dropped the nomenclature. It’s literally their standard A320. The only one they’ve got as a matter of fact. They only have 1 variant of the 320 series. This variant lol.

As for the extended parking I can’t defend anyone for that one. Definitely a missed marketing opportunity on that one.
Anonymous said…
Yes, the AA schedule at ORH is a bit weird. I recently booked a JetBlue round trip to JFK and the return flight was on AA. I didn’t see it on the AA schedule, but it existed.

The flights were seamless, BTW. ORH remains super convenient and the free parking is a cherry on top.

ORH: your no-hassle airport.
Anonymous said…
I hope you are wrong too, but TT has received a lot of opportunities for assistance, ect and went for everything they could get (I would try to). Just have to wonder though could they be taking the sox and other developments in looking to squeeze a little more out. These things only cross my mind it been common place
Anonymous said…
You could be correct because they just built two new buildings recently and that must of cost a lot of money, but I hope your not correct because this could effect the employees.