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Great Comment

 The bids seem to be towards development of land on the airport property. Unsure if it’ll be hanger space or something else. But I wonder if Amazon has talked to Massport at all about ORH. 

Was on 146 the other day, and I believe in Uxbridge I saw that another brand new Amazon facility has been built. To put it in numbers, that makes Uxbridge, Charlton, Milford, (soon to be) 2 in Worcester, Charlton, and Northborough (which has 2 buildings) all either have or will have Amazon facilities there. FedEx too has been expanding their presence in Central Mass as well so it’s interesting to see if they’ll have talks with the airport as well. UPS has been trying too but I think they have a really good relationship with CSX in Worcester that they’ll stick with them. 

It’ll be interesting to hear though, the only thing that Worcester has against them is a Boeing 767 can not land at the airport (runway too short) there and I know Fed Ex and Amazon have quite a bit of those planes but a 757 can. 

In other news, spirit airlines shareholders will vote Thursday on if the airline should merge with JetBlue or Frontier. JetBlue has been playing extremely aggressive lately upping its bids constantly to try to buy spirit so it’ll be an interesting vote going on. Don’t forget too what spirit/frontier mentioned in their presentation about merging and coming to ORH.