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Great Comment

 I am a football fan and have gone to countless Patriots games over the last twenty years while only going to one Red Sox game but I will say as an ardent football fan I am glad the House Speaker at the time, Tom Finneran got it right in the end, not the conviction on obstruction but the states position that they were not going to build stadiums for millionaires but would invest in infrastructure. 

You may not recall Bob Kraft was going to move the Patriots to Hartford, pitting Massachusetts against Connecticut but in the end the Patriots stayed in Foxborough and the State paid for infrastructure improvements and Kraft built his own stadium. The new TD Garden was privately constructed and Fenways improvements were also privately financed. 

I do not believe that government entities should use public funds for the construction of facilities for private businesses, whether it be the Patriots, the Bruins/Celtics or the Red Sox. This premise , government improving infrastructure that benefits not only the team but the general public as well, was the only thing I think I agreed politically with Tom Finneran.

 I bring this up because Teams having cities and states getting into a bidding war against each other down to a science and you would not know that unless you read articles like this.