Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Cost of Stadium

 Look at the attachments from the last  WRA meeting

Look at page 70

Ballpark Total:       160,953,763

Is this the total to date????

We are not sure ....

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Anonymous said…
Looks like $160 Million for the ballpark and just under $190 million if you include what’s around it including the parking garage. Seems like the city was the ones who paid for that police detail that was talked about a while back. My guess of $200 million was close for everything but $190 for everything doesn’t surprise. Who knows how much was technically saved with that crappy steel ballpark instead of the brick.
Anonymous said…
Just when I thought I undestand things I find out I don't or there are costs not reported on this spreadsheet. I now understand capitalized interest as a project cost but I do not see it here. This spreadsheet may not have all the costs.
Anonymous said…
What other costs aren't being reported?