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American Airlines is ending services to 3 US cities amid a massive nationwide pilot shortage (not Worcester)

 American Airlines is ending services to two cities in New York state and one in Ohio because of a shortage of pilots.

The carrier will cut routes to Islip, New York; Ithaca, New York; and Toledo, Ohio from September 7.

"In response to the regional pilot shortage affecting the airline industry, American Airlines has made the difficult decision to end service," an American Airlines spokesperson told Insider.

Earlier this month, American CEO Robert Isom said it had grounded about 100 regional jets because it couldn't find enough workers. The spokesperson said that American had reduced its regional flying in recent months because of the regional pilot shortage, adding that it may take "some time" before staffing levels return to normal.


Jeremy said…
Delta is slashing 4 routes too, including Boston -Memphis.
Common Sense said…
Why don't they train the flight attendants to fly the planes?
Anonymous said…
They added a 4th destination to be cut and luckily it isn’t worcester. However, the pilot shortage does seems like is affecting worcester. The other day, the American flight arrived on time, but didn’t leave till 830am the next morning. Today, delta flight arrives on time, not projected to leave till tomorrow morning. Pilots are allowed to fly 8 hours in a 24 hour period and up to 10 hours if another pilot is on board. They must take 16 hours of rest after. I think the only reason you see the JetBlue flights not be affected is because if pilot’s flight times end after the FLL to ORH flight for example, if they know that, they could put new pilots on the JFK flight to fly them in to take the plane back south and finish the rest of the routes it may have. JetBlue does have a hotel in Worcester where pilots go and rest (I believe it’s the AC hotel) but American and Delta don’t have that luxury which is why I feel like we’re seeing this difference where a return flight leave a lot later than usual. Hopefully, this doesn’t become a common occurrence especially for Delta where if it gets moved, your absolutely screwed whereas if American gets cancelled, you still have the JetBlue flight.