Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

2 Plymouth-85 Green-5-7-8 Gold Street

 WRA sold these properties to Gold Block Real Estate for $3,150,000

Book 66660 Page 36


Note attached from WRA minutes

The WRA acquired these properties for $5,797,873. 

And who paid for the building demolition????

Wormtown how can you say we made a $3,000,000 profit on this??


wormtown said…
According to the article they were surplus properties acquired for $10. I’m just quoting the article. If you want to say that those running the city are lying and not being forthcoming it is up to you to prove it, not me.
Bill Randell said…
The chart attached to this post is from minutes of a WRA minute and clearly show the land acquisition costs. That is the proof???

You really think the WRA acquired these properties for $10????

wormtown said…
If you think Ed Augustus lied in the article then that’s fine. Don’t get mad at me. It’s not me saying the properties were purchased for $10. The article stated these two sites added as surplus property to be part of the original sale. Take your questions to a city council meeting.
Bill Randell said…
Not mad at you??? Just these are the facts. What I believe happened is we bought these properties for the 5.8 million. Some of it we used for Polar Park. The rest was deemed "surplus property" and sold for the 3.1 million. Although we did get $3.1 million, we got by borrowing 5.8 million. Nobody lied, but clear there is not a 3.1 million profit and you called it in an earlier post.