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Things Were Going Well

 How does this possibly happen again???!!!    Last cancellation we had was the JetBlue morning flight to JFK April 25th until today's mid-day JFK turn was cancelled.    

But it gets worse!!!! 


Absolutely ridiculous to let this happen a 2nd time.   This is not on JetBlue , but on the ORH mgmt. If you tried you could not create worse press for your business.   

Editor's note:   
Above picture from Landgren was after first time this happened.


Anonymous said…
This is when I wish i could just learn how to do it myself. I live less than a mile away from the airport and it wouldn’t be difficult to be on call and just go up there and do it then go back home. In fact, I live so close to the airport, when I flew to FLL it took me 10 minutes to get from my house to the gate. This is ridiculous that it happened a second time. Now since Spirit and Frontier are most likely merging, you know they’re going to be looking at track records of delays, cancellations, past history of airlines at the airport, and other things and they’ll really question ORH operations if they find out this happened again and it blows up like it did the first time. Whether it’s JetBlue or a different company, whoever is in charge of scheduling does not deserve that job working there after this has happened twice.

Another thing as well, mid day flight was canceled. They’ve decided instead of just using the same aircraft for the am flight and the mid day flight (with how the JetBlue schedule works for aircraft, that can easily happen), use two different aircraft for it. The early am flight left and arrived on time today, could’ve just sent it back here and then gone back to New York like they’ve done, but nope. I really question JetBlue’s thinking about how they select aircraft sometimes because it wasn’t a mechanical issue or the aircraft needed maintenance done to it, so why not just use the same aircraft? Although they want to get rid of the E190s, is it because they don’t trust them? Or is it because of another reason?
Jeremy said…
How about training everyone at the airport how to operate the jet bridge, or lower the door and let people deplane onto the tarmac. This is not rocket science.
Common Sense said…
There are State Police officers at the airport 24/7. If legally possible maybe one per shift could be trained? How about training Andy Davis and make him carry a pager? He is ultimately responsible for what happens at his airport. It's bad enough that the marketing is inadequate, but all this negative PR is only going to turn people away and make it harder to attract new airlines.
ORH Fan said…
This airport and how it's run is a complete and utter joke. There is zero excuse, zero, for these types of things happening. Especially with the amount of money that has been poured into it. They seriously can't get out of their own way up there. It's all the more reason I have no plans to use ORH anytime in the near future. It's too risky and honestly, when the Delta flight time changes, there's going to be even less connection opportunities. It's honestly pathetic that you have travelers like myself who live 10 minutes or less from the airport but would rather drive an hour plus to fly out of Boston or Providence. That's not exactly a great endorsement..........

And since the marketing thing got mentioned in one of the other comments, I will mention that since I first saw a Breeze/TF Green advertisement on one of the I-290 billboards a couple of weeks ago, I've been keeping track of how many times I saw it since then. This morning was the 9th time in 2 weeks that I've seen the Breeze/TF Green advertisement. How many Worcester Airport advertisements have I seen? ZERO. But we do have an advertisement on the infield wall at Polar Park that about 95% of the park can't see or make out what it says.

When we get some direct flights to Florida or an earlier Delta flight then I may re-consider using ORH but right now it's too much of a circus show up there. And before anyone thinks I'm being overly critical, no one wants ORH to be successful more than me. It's just too much of a sh*tshow up there right now and my time that I have for traveling is limited and I just can't risk anything going wrong.