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Rusty Comment

 Once JB can get through their current staff shortages expect an announcement of additional service to ORH. From what I’ve been hearing from friends who work at ORH/for JB, the airline is very much in ORH for the long term and would like to expand service and has hinted at it several times already; however currently, they can barely run the route network they already have, let alone expand. And they know it, hence no additional routes. 

JB is swapping the current E190 for an A320 high density (restyled a.k.a. More seats) for the current FLL flight for the duration of the summer due to high demand. From what I hear this is a test with possibility for it to become permanent. Currently staff shortages mean they can’t add a 2nd FLL flight just like they can’t add any other flights, but they can send a bigger plane to capture the demand. 

Nothing official from JB themselves but once they airline gets through these staff shortages (that have been going on since December I might add), from what I’ve been hearing I’d expect flights like Orlando and possibly other lesiure destinations to be announced. San Juan has been a very common rumor amongst the employees from what I’ve heard due to the high demographic of people from the Island in the Central Massachusetts area and apparently JB did a poll with San Juan being the 2nd highest destination requested behind Orlando. 

Despite all the things you see on the news and on this blog, the current flights at ORH are doing quite well (Strictly speaking JB). FLL is sold out or damn near sold out every single day & both JFK flights are operating in the green (turning a profit). Their not full by any means but I’ve been told JB is pleased with the current #’s their seeing on the route. Once the airline can get their feet under them again and is ready to, I’d expect an expansion. I wouldn’t expect anything any sooner than late fall/early 2023 at the earliest however.


Common Sense said…
You hear anything about Amazon?
Anonymous said…
ORH can easily operate as a passenger and cargo airport. The amount of open land they have for hanger space is something you don’t see at many airports, especially one that has a CAT III landing system. I would definitely hope that companies like UPS, FedEx, and Amazon would fly their planes here because it can definitely help. Think about how many Amazon facilities are less than 30 minutes away from Worcester Airport. 2 in worcester, Northborough, Charlton, and there will be more coming for sure. UPS has always had a huge relationship with Worcester and Shrewsbury, look at all of the trailers CSX pulls into the Worcester yard that are for UPS, plus they just bought Pan Am railways to get access to the port in Saint John’s, any train that comes from Maine for them will have to go through Worcester and that could be very beneficial to a lot of companies and have a bonus economic effect on Worcester and the intermodal yards. The empty lot in front of the Wyman Gordon plant in Grafton is becoming a logistics center and delivery hub for a company that’s unknown, but people believe it’ll be Amazon or UPS, wouldn’t surprise me if it’s UPS especially since they don’t have a lot of space up in Shrewsbury.

Passenger wise, imagine what would happen if what Rusty says is true and JetBlue adds Orlando, San Juan, and a 2nd FLL flight. With all the marketing that ORH could get, it would make the airport explode in popularity and possibly make other airlines fight for passengers like Boston has. Imagine too if American decided to drop JFK, and fly to DCA instead, that would give them a huge boost in ticket sales especially since most connections from American in Boston are either in DC or JFK. If your trying to pitch land and hanger space to companies which the airport is trying to do since they have , why not target an airline like JetBlue or Delta? Make ORH a base where aircraft can be maintained and worked on, flown in and out of for a lot cheaper than Boston, have to pay less for hanger space than Boston, and make it a crew hub as well for airlines. Look at all of the hotels Worcester has as well, it would have a great economic impact to the city if they did that. It doesn’t have to be an airline’s international planes like the 767 or 777, a 757 and/or an A321 can land at Worcester making it an easy place where if planes need maintenance, they can fly into Worcester and be worked on. It would be a good thing to pitch potentially and mention benefits. Airlines like Southwest too, they like to fly to airports that are next to big cities, but away from them. For example, they don’t fly into DC, they fly into Baltimore, they don’t fly directly in Chicago, they use another airport. There is other potential there as well
Rusty said…
Massport is still in the process & planning stages of revitalizing the north area off of Taxiway Bravo for future development, geared towards cargo. Obviously nothing has been announced and so far haven’t heard anything other than studies being done/ preliminary work, etc. Nothing that can’t be forgotten to time if they decide to abandon the idea. I imagine this will be a fairly non existent story till someone files some construction bid somewhere. Knocking down some old blast walls and repaving some old pavement isn’t really newsworthy. Once a big name cargo carrier signs an actual lease that will be a story but that’s still a ways away. From what I hear everyone knows Massport is pushing really hard for cargo (most likely Amazon) but at the moment not much is being said as far as what their plans are. I’m sure talks are happening but they just haven’t said what yet.

As for Orlando & a 2nd FLL flight, a different destination, etc; it’s all rumor/shop talk still. JetBlue hasn’t said a word. It’s completely possible that JB doesn’t add a single flight for the next 2+ years. Nothing is certain.

One wrong move on Massports part and the whole airport could flop for the 20th time. I imagine Massport is being very careful as to any future growth in regards to make sure it’s as sound as possible. Their playing the safe route, which in this case is the slow and steady route. They can’t afford another failure and they know it. Whatever future development comes has to stick.
Anonymous said…
The comment that ORH to DCA wouldn’t work for JB does overlook the fact that there is flight almost every single hour fro BOS to DCA and back. There are a huge amount of industries in Mass that deal with the federal government. I use those flights routinely (pre-pandemic and now starting up again). Having ORH as an option greatly lessens inconvenience, especially if you are in and out of DC on the same day (which happens a LOT because it’s so,expensive to stay in hotels when Congressmis in session)

Another pre-pandemic heavy rough is BOS to LAS. JB had at one time 5 round trips to Vegas and every one of those, even the red eye, was full or nearly so. Most of that travel is business, not just leisure (though there is plenty of that, too). There are numerous business conventions there on every given weekday because Vehpgas is a direct flight from almost anywhere. Except ORH LOL.

Again, a great convenience and a pressure release for BOS
Common Sense said…
I just hope some economists are wrong and we're not heading into a recession. If that happens I would guess that leisure and business travel might take a nosedive. It's kinda hard to go on vacation in FL or Vegas when you have no job or money. I'm not sure if ORH can survive that.