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Reader: Avelo Booming at New Haven

 Avelo is booming at New Haven: When will the powers that be at Massport come to their senses. 

Seems like we just get the table scraps here at ORH. What they should be pressing hard for is direct flights to leisure destinations. Forget about the connecting flights. Families with kids don't want to spend all day trying to get to Florida. A couple of my friends and their families recently flew to Orlando. There were 10 of them. I always ask family/friends if they looked at trying to fly out of ORH. 

The two responses I always get are either:

 1. We didn't know that was an option

2. The connections/layovers were too long to be traveling with kids and they'd get in too late. 

So everyone just ends up going out of Boston or Providence, even if getting to those airports takes a bit longer and they have to pay more for parking. The inconveniences are worth it to them because their time is more valuable. I'm supposed to go to West Palm Beach in the near future but my options to get there from ORH are limited. Either I don't get in until late at night or I spend a good chunk of the day trying to get there. 

It's not worth the headache so I'm most likely going to fly out of Providence. Even adding in the hour or so it takes to get there it is still gets me to West Palm faster because I'm going to be flying through Atlanta early in the day and there are multiple departures to West Palm. 

I don't know how the Delta flight at ORH will do when the time moves to later in the day. I think the options for connections that time of day will be even less than they are now. I think they are making a mistake moving that flight to later in the day. If anything, it should be earlier. 

I also think an early flight to Atlanta on Delta would be a huge success. Think of how many more connections could be made from there compared to LaGuardia. I want ORH to be successful. I live 3 miles door to door from ORH. 

Would really like to start using it again like I did in the past but there's just nothing there at the moment to convince me.


Anonymous said…
I did a Miami trip early this year and flew ORH to Ft Lauderdale and had a car service drive me the 37 minutes to my hotel in Miami. Much less time that driving to Logan, used the Logan parking money on the town car (could have gone Lyft or Uber to save a bit but didn’t) and had free parking at ORH

You can do the same to West Palm. Let someone else drive and use your PVD parking money for the ride.
ORH Fan said…
June 10th - 14th, Worcester to West Palm Beach on Delta: Depart ORH at 5:51pm, Arrive West Palm Beach at 1:29am with 2 stops along the way (LaGuardia and Atlanta).

Same dates but on JetBlue: Depart ORH at 6:28am, Arrive West Palm Beach at 2:27pm. 8 hours travel time.

Or, I can get a 6:30am flight out of Providence on Delta and get to West Palm Beach a little before noon and still have most of the day.

I don't mind the extra time involved to get to/from Providence because it gets me into West Palm Beach at a better time. The JetBlue flight out of ORH is comparable but I'm not a big JetBlue fan (had issues with them in the past, lost bag, cancelled flights). I almost exclusively fly on Delta nowadays. I have a Delta credit card so that gets me free checked bags and priority boarding plus I have TSA Pre-Check so my wait at security at the airport is never all that long.

I really don't know what the logic is behind the ORH Delta flight being moved to later in the day. Why it isn't being moved to earlier in the day is a real head scratcher. I still think an early day flight on Delta from ORH to Atlanta would be a huge success. That would get me to use ORH again.