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Pickett Park January 14, 2020

 Nick K  1/14/2020

City officials are looking to make the former General Pickett Municipal Parking Lot on Green Street into more than just one of the entrances into Polar Park.

They also want to make it a year-round community space that will serve as an entrance to the Canal District as a whole.

The area, which will be known as Pickett Plaza, will include retail opportunities and a water element that will recreate and interpret the historic Blackstone Canal, according to City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr.

He said the water feature will be a way to pay homage to the Blackstone Canal and the important role it played in Worcester’s history.

In November, the city received a $3.5 million MassWorks Infrastructure Program grant to put toward reconstruction and beautification of the former 65-space parking lot at 45 Green St., on the south side of the railroad underpass that leads into the Canal District.


Common Sense said…
Should build a parking structure there. More beneficial than some grass and street vendors selling trinkets.
Anonymous said…
It looks nice but who will maintain it. The City, the WooSox?
Anonymous said…
The plaza and the street next to it does not lead to the Canal District, it funnels people to Polar Park from parking at the Library and Union Station. The heart of the Canal District, the restaraunts and stores, are across the street and closer to Kelly Square. Come to think of it the new garage and the parking now available at the Registry lot are in locations the are not supportive of the Canal District but seem exclusive to supporting Polar Park. The ball park is a nice amenity but not at the expense of everything else.
Anonymous said…
Augustus was on Spectrum News and pretty much said what the previous comment expressed. Pickett Park is intended to move people from the downtown parking garages to the ballpark because the City needs to pay for the ballpark. How does that help the businesses in the Canal District when you make it easy to come and leave the Canal District without visiting the Canal District. It's all about the ballpark.