Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Pawtuck Red Sox Checks

 Were you not able in the past be able to click on check and get a description of the payment??


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Anonymous said…
Not that the City has been super transparent but it seems the have been heading in the opposite direction the last few years. It started going down hill when they tried to put in a parking lot on Chandler St and got caught and now this. I hope the new guy is more transparent.
Anonymous said…
Recently there is the drones. I am for the drones for the police but am against how the City did it. Don't have the City Council accept a grant for dogs then buy drones. Either the City was being sneaky or spellcheck changed drones to dogs when someone was typing the item for City Council?
Anonymous said…
This week in Worcester did an article back in January 2021 when the City took the open check book off their website. The City claimed it was for cybersecurity reasons although the state, Boston and Springfield kept their sites up. Whe the City brought it back it appears they dropped the details that were there. The City's transparency at its finest.