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May 11 Flights

Good day yesterday

Good day today

How can reporting how the flights 

are doing be considered negative or bullying??



ORH    6:10AM  to FLL 9:27AM            Landed   8:39AM

FLL     7:50PM  to ORH 10:57PM         SOT

ORH 7:28AM   to JFK  8:39AM              Landed  8:11AM

JFK  9:05AM  to ORH  10:08AM            Landed  9:58AM

ORH 11:05AM  to JFK 12:06AM            Landed   11:46AM

JFK 10:53 PM to JFK 11:59 PM              SOT



JFK 12:00PM  to ORH  1:08PM              Landed 12:44PM   

ORH 1:42AM  to JFK 2:58PM                 Landed  2:40PM



LaGuardia   12:15PM to ORH   1:31PM      Landed 1:01PM

ORH 2:16PM  to LaGuardia 3:15PM            Landed 3:06PM



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