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Delta Flight

Current schedule

LaGuardia   12:15       to  ORH             1:31

ORH   2:16                 to LaGuardia     3:15

New schedule

LaGuardia   3:50         to  ORH               5:06

ORH   5:29               to LaGuardia          6:29

This makes no sense!!


The Delta flight being moved to later in the day is going to kill that option for a lot of people. Getting into LaGuardia that late in the day your connection opportunities are extremely limited. On one of the other threads I posted about how to get to West Palm Beach from ORH on Delta in June I'd have to make 2 stops, LaGuardia and Atlanta, and I wouldn't get into West Palm until after 1am. Its just not even something I'm even willing to consider. Maybe I'll give Breeze a try out of Providence.\\


Anonymous said…
I remember this blog made a comment a couple weeks ago involving the JetBlue evening flight. It said something along the lines of: in order for this flight to depart and arrive on time, everything has to arrive on time before and leave on time for the flights that aircraft is used on before the ORH flight. Although Delta has a better track record than JetBlue for on time performance, you’ll have to rely on Delta being on time for more flights before the ORH one. This doesn’t seem like it matters to some people, but if that delta flight to LGA leaves one hour late, your missing your connection at LGA most likely and your spending the night in New York. All of the delta flights that go to Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale leave at 7:59 PM (non stop) and the West Palm Beach non stop flight leaves at 7:25 PM. So you can not afford the flight to be late at all.

Keep in mind too, LaGuardia is undergoing a massive renovation at the Delta terminal. I’m not sure if it’s an everyday occurrence but when I transferred from my first flight (PBI-LGA Regular Delta flight with the Airbus A321) the Worcester flight, which uses the Mitsubishi CRJ-900, and is a “Delta Connection” flight, I had to walk across the entire terminal, take a shuttle bus over to the other area where Delta is, and then when I got to my gate after I scanned my ticket, it took a good 5-10 minutes to walk to the plane. That process alone from stepping into the airport off the first flight to getting to my gate on the second flight took a good 30-45 minutes alone. So even if your flight is on time, you have to rely that everything goes right. The 30 minutes doesn’t seem bad when you have an hour to connect, but a big family will take longer or people who are slower walkers or disabled.
Common Sense said…
Been hearing a ton of radio ads about the convenience of TF Green and the new non-stop to LA on Breeze.
Anonymous said…
Delta isn’t the only airline making time changes at ORH.

JetBlue Current Schedule with new times next to it

Fort Lauderdale to ORH:
Current Departure Time: 7:50 PM (10:57 PM Arrival Time)
Month of June: 12:15 PM (3:22 PM Arrival Time)
New time in effect 7/1: 8:50 PM (12:10 AM next day Arrival Time)

Current Departure Time: 6:10 AM (9:27 AM Arrival Time)
Month of June: 4:10 PM (7:24 PM Arrival Time)
New Time in effect 7/2: 5:25 AM (8:37 PM Arrival Time)

Current Departure Time: 7:28 AM and 11:05 AM
New Time in effect 6/9: 6:28 AM and 3:15 PM

Current Departure Time: 9:05 AM and 10:56 PM
New Time in effect 6/9: 1:29 PM and 9:55 PM

Unsure for the temporary change in the FLL flight in June only. Maybe small schedule changes just temporary throughout the airline. Not a bad change though. The flight there does suck but the flight home is at a better time in my opinion because families won’t have to wait all day after checking out of their hotel for the flight home where for June, they can check out at 10am and go to the airport. I know it’s a little early too, but loads for June don’t look that good. June 1st also has 2 flights to FLL. No aircraft change either as they’ll continue to use the E190
Anonymous said…
^^ error to that, ORH to FLL 8:37 am arrival time in effect 7/2