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 Wormtown, we wouldn’t oppose anything. 

It’s just annoying how the Woosox stadium ultimately had so much potential and was suppose to have so much with it by now but the only thing built other than the stadium itself is the parking garage. What was promised what cut down practically in half. 

Plus, the stadium does not look good with the metal, you would think being the most expensive minor league stadium would not look like a metal box and actually look like what it was suppose too. What it was suppose to look like is worth the $180,000,000+ dollars, not metal that has to be painted every couple of years and is claimed to look like Higgin’s Armory (because that old metal box looks amazing in 1950’s standard or whenever it was built).

 At least with the centrum, events are being held there that are making money and has 2 tenants that make the centrum in use year round and has NCAA regional tournaments there every 3-5 years. It could even have national tournaments there for the NCAA tournament as well, the only reason it doesn’t is because Worcester doesn’t have a 500 room hotel in the city. 

From someone I know that works with getting events to the New England area like the winter classic, frozen four nationals in Boston, possibly the World Cup at Gillette, and other events and told me that it’s what stopping Worcester from hosting larger events. I will mention this, the AC hotel in downtown worcester was probably the most beneficial hotel that was put in Worcester because of all the meeting space they have there as well as hotel rooms. It’s the main hotel the NCAA uses when they have their tournaments here. 

Hilton Garden Inn as well was a great fit because they host all the visiting teams that play the Woosox, Railers, and Pirates. I believe they’re the host hotel as well for the Senior League Softball World Series Regional in Worcester in July. Without the centrum, Worcester would have less hotels, make less money, and not host other events, proms, graduations, as well and be charged by the Woosox to use our own stadium.


There was a ground breaking at the Mt Carmel site and I think the City forgot to give the spokesperson his talking points. He forgot to mention he is building the apartments because of Polar Park.


People are commenting because of the information vacuum of the City. 

The ballpark was suppose to be revenue neutral, then it was going to make millions of dollars than radio silence, no updates etc. Then we hear of delays and downsized projects and the silence continues. 

When a comment is made about the logical assumption that this will in fact cost the taxpayers there is a deflection to parking lots with weeds or the Centrum and not the underlying issue that the ball park is going to cost the taxpayers money and we are going to solve this problem by getting the WooSox to pay taxes.


Anonymous said…
In addition to the hotel that was proposed next to the ball park wasn't there another hotel next to Union Station proposed? When is that going to be built?