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City Needs Another $23 Million To Complete Doherty High Construction


Does anyone really think 

this will be the only request?

This will be just like Polar Park

More loan orders are coming


wormtown said…
We should knock down Doherty and put in an Amazon warehouse.
Anonymous said…
School construction, as well as repaving streets, is a far better public expense than building a ball park I just wish the City City built longer lasting buildings and actually maintained them. As to the previous comment I assume it is sarcasm. Continuing on that line, if the City built an Amazon warehouse would that be vocational education?
Common Sense said…
Yeah. The kids can work in the warehouse. They would probably learn more than the woke crap they teach in schools these days.
Anonymous said…
Good schools are critical to the future of our kids and the City. We started the Doherty project and need to finish it but it is the pattern of financing that is the problem. The City does not seem to have a handle on how much these projects are going to cost and tell us one thing then months later come back for more money. What makes matters worse is the article in the paper had the City cavalierly saying that it is only going to cost a million more a year. This City has developed a tax and spend mentality. It is easy to spend someone else's (our) money.