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City Council On Inclusionary Zoning: 'This will certainly even things out to a degree':


City Councilors unanimously referred a proposal to adopt inclusionary zoning - or a requirement that new housing developments include affordable units - to committee for a public hearing after many community members and councilors spoke in favor of the idea.


Editor's Note:    When you are at 13.5% when states mandates 10%,  how does approval of inclusionary housing even things out when you are 35% above the mandate??

If we were 35% below the state mandate then this would make sense.....



David Z. said…
When all of the current market rate developments in the pipeline are built, the 13.5% will shrink very close to if not below the 10% threshold.

With that said, what concerns me most about this proposal is something the developer stated when the project at the former Mt. Carmel church broke ground. He said, “ The apartments being market-rate will make the economics of the project work, according to Lambert, who said they also feel market-rate apartments are a product that’s lacking in the city.”