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Another Comment

 Noticed that the Hess station is under construction.

 Must be because of the ballpark. 

On a serious note I was speaking with someone who just attended a game and had a great time, with the exception of the weather. He told me about bumping into high school classmates of ours that neither one of us has seen in years. 

Polar Park has become a social venue but I still do no think it is a good expenditure of public funds especially where there are so many other needs unfunded in the City, Burncoat High being up there on the top of the list followed closely by street paving.

 Finally, have you found out why the WooSox do not pay taxes?


Anonymous said…
Do you know how much the Woo Sox lease payment was last year? Someone told me they only paid $8,000.00.
Anonymous said…
The WoooSox twitter account has a link to the City’s budget. I was looking at the bond payment sections and the later section on the financial integrity funds and the numbers do not make sense to me.