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Maybe the City Council should why no property taxes are being paid on Poalr Park or the new Parking Garage, before they voted to approve putting the CPA on the ballot this November.

 We bet you that the Councilors, who vote for the CPA, will vote for lowest residential rate to "help the homeowners"????



Anonymous said…
What the City Council did not think about is this "surcharge" will hit the people who can not afford this the most, those living in three decker's and apartment. Even with the $100,000 exemption, this 1.5% "surcharge" is on top of the average three decker tax increase of $450.00 and the median apartment tax increase of $673.00. Landlords are going to pass both the tax increase and this surcharge to the tenant with an increase to their rent.
This is on top of what we are paying for gas and groceries.
This is not a good time to be imposing a "surcharge".
Anonymous said…
All of the new city council memeners WANT you to be poor so they can’t wait to pile on more taxes and fees. Then you are dependent on them. It doesn’t escape notice that they themselves have a severe lack of financial success so they don’t minfpd dragging you down to their economic level. Legislation by envy isn’t a good look
Anonymous said…
I don't think the City Council is trying to make people dependent on the City I do think the City Council gave this item any (or very little) thought before they voted on it. If the people who are pushing for the CPA are that passionate about the CPA they would have gathered the required a few years ago or now. They chose to pursue the easy way out and asked the City Council to put it on the ballot, which the City Council did not do previously. The City Council did not think of the effects of this, an additional cost on the tax bill making it more expensive to live or do business in the City, not like it is too expensive now. All this will do is make it more expensive to rent in the City, driving out lower income renters.