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Polar Parking Garage Observation


Assuming parking garage  (350 spaces--original plan was 500 spaces) is open for opening day.    Granted the City of Worcester will receive $180,000 annually as a lease payment from Madison, but makes you wonder now that we have seen parking revenues, what will be the net gain???   

Will they City lose more then $250,000 in parking revenue once the garage opens???

 Looks the the open land across the street, where Phase I developments were planned, may be getting set up to park cars????   If that is the case then how many cars will be left to park in municipal lots????   

If cars are able to park in garage and the dirt lots, how much  overflow of parking will end up utilizing municipal parking spots????   





Anonymous said…
I think they’re being desperate for spots. To park in the garage on game day is $22 per car if you pre pay. But looking at the map they have for spots available is a joke. They even recommended one of the places you can park is the RMV. It’s honestly a joke because I’ll work at the worcester ice center sometimes, and if there is a game at polar park, good luck finding a spot. Tuesday nights aren’t even the worse. When there’s huge tournaments going on that have 50-100 cars going to the Worcester Ice Center, then it’s an absolute joke. And they say they cover the main lot for free parking and people to go, that lot on the same plot of land as the ice center itself isn’t even big enough. In 2021, we saw how many spots they were taking up (WooSox for games) and although they’re building a garage, I don’t see it getting any better.

I wish they promoted the WRTA more and worked with them to make a schedule to help public transportation be used more for ball games. Not many people realize it’s free for the year again and every single bus starts and stops at Union station. The times the city bus ends can be an issue but if they could adjust it where a city bus leaves later like when the game ends then it would work great. They could also make it where they have a polar park shuttle where every 10 minutes a bus picks people up at Union station, then drops them off at polar park and repeats the process. Certain routes end around 7/8 and others around 9/10. Like it would be great if they made it where weekdays last city bus leaves at 1030, Saturday’s 830, and Sunday’s 530. If they could do that and promote it then it would save family’s money on parking and gas and give businesses back their parking spots that they need.
Anonymous said…
I have gone to a few games and found that Madison Place (except for walking under the bridge) or the lot by the Ice Rink are the best options and worth the extra $5 compared when you are trying get home quickly after a game.The problem with both other people have figured that out and they fill up fast.The garage being across the street may be another good option. I have parked at the Library lot once and won’t do that again. For $5 or now $7 more the Madison Place and the Ice Rink lots and now the garage are more convenient after a game to get home after a game.
Anonymous said…
Of course it is going to pull parkers away from City lots. When you go to a mall do you say to yourself I want to park in a spot that is the farthest away from the store that you are going to.
Anonymous said…
A mall is a different story because most malls parking is free. Polar park it’s typically the closer to the ball park, the more it’ll cost to park. If your willing to walk an extra 10 minutes to save $10, people would do that. That’s what my family always did for railers games at the dcu center. Used to be no tolls on sundays (don’t know if it still is), so we would always park in front of the People’s United Bank building and walk over. Never had to pay for parking and the walk was short. The parking garage and the railers lot will always be at full capacity because those two lots alone offer over 600 spots and that doesn’t include the actual lot for the ice center as well or the old compass tavern lot. They’ll charge $20+ more for parking again and fill up fast which is good for the business, but bad for people trying to actually go there whether it’s for games or for the brewery.
wormtown said…
Happy opening day. A great day for Worcester. A great day for baseball.