Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Polar Park Parking Numbers

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Zimbalist Proforma

-Various Lots/Garages 1,100
 $        6.75 66        490,050
Total Parking 1,100
 $        8.00 12        105,600

 His numbers were 66 baseball games (6.75 per car) and 12 events (8.00 per car) based on 1100 parkers per game/event.    Proforma total $595,650.....


Now look at the actual numbers with the link above:

  • Pearl Elm   3,104
  • Worcester Common   45,567
  • Federal Plaza     43,988
  • Union Station    44,054
  • Off Street Reserves 351,772

Grand total  $488,485


In other words we came up short approximately $107,000 of the projection.  

Also believe that we increase the parking rates after this proforma.   The actual projected numbers are probably higher.

At tame time, there will be some games still to be played April-May-June.          




wormtown said…
The park was 25 % capacity for a while too
Anonymous said…
Your comparison is partially correct (comparing 66 games estimated to 66 games (actually played), with the exception that the initial part of last season had attendance restrictions which presumably would mean less cars parking. This presumption runs contrary to all the news coverage of attendance which hyped the fact that the WooSox attendance exceeded expectations so your analysis could be accurate in that the actual revenues are less than projected. You may also be correct that the rates being charged to park increased. I remember reading that somewhere. So the question is what was the City's revised revenue projection with the higher rates and how does that compare to the actual revenues? I would venture to guess the actual revenues are lower than what the City projected.
Bill Randell said…
For fisal 2022.

Polar Park has been at 100% occupancy
Anonymous said…
Let’s not loose sight of what should be the biggest source of revenue in the area, the WooSox paying taxes
Anonymous said…
Does the garage opening pull parkers away from the City?