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Polar Park and Parking Garage: Why No Property Taxes??

 Going to mention this every month until we get an answer:




Section 3E of MGL Chapter 59


Section 3E. Whenever the Congress of the United States has so provided, a leasehold interest in real estate owned and leased by the United States and in buildings and other things erected thereon or affixed thereto shall be assessed and taxed to the lessee or his assigns to the extent so provided by the Congress

Payment of the aforesaid taxes shall not be enforced by any lien upon or sale of the said real estate but in the case of any leasehold subject to taxation as aforesaid the interest of the lessee or lessees or their assigns therein may be sold by the collector of taxes of the city or town in which the real estate is situated for the non-payment of the tax assessed as aforesaid in the manner provided by law for the sale of real estate for nonpayment of local taxes. Said collectors shall have for the collection of taxes assessed under this section all other remedies provided by chapter sixty for the collection of taxes by collectors of cities and towns.






Anonymous said…
Don’t worry, the Laryy Lucchino billionaire gang doesn’t pay taxes. You do.
The new CPA tax will help. Not.