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Opening Day: Great Day For Worcester




Had a few people make comments to us, about how great yesterday was.   We agree 100%.   Know a bunch of people who went  and they had great time!!


There are two sides to Polar Park:


  •  Fan:      Polar Park is a great experience.
  • Taxpayer:   The verdict is still out.   But right looking at the numbers, it does not look like   this is being a good deal for the taxpayers of Worcester.   On the other hand this has been a great deal for the WooSox ownership.


Lets not  forget how this was sold to the taxpayers as being "revenue neutral". 


Lastly consider this: 

To date we still do not know the final cost of Polar Park



Anonymous said…
I bet the Worcester Business Journal wished they approached their last article in a similar fashion, Pro - Baseball but apprehensive of the City's financing plan, that is the project is tax neutral. Had they taken your straight forward approach acknowledging baseball is another good entertainment option in the City but the financial plan is falling down like a house of cards, Augustus could not have referred to them as negative. They should hire you to report on Polar Park.
Anonymous said…
Being for the ballpark but questioning the financing is a simple concept because they are two exclusive. Those in City Hall need to realize this. Good job simply explaining this.