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JetBlue Today



Just checked


  • FLL arrived op time
  • JFK this morning arrived on time
  • JFK today on schedule





Anonymous said…
JetBlue is 2/2 so far today which is good. Yesterday both departing flights from ORH departed late and the arrival from FLL was about 2 hours late. Hopefully it stays that way because it’s been a couple of days since all 3 flights arrived and departed on time.
Anonymous said…
The Fort Lauderdale and JFK flight leaving this morning left on time, the mid day turn arrived and departed on time, the Fort Lauderdale arrival flight landed on time, but the JFK evening flight hasn’t left JFK yet so overall a huge improvement for JetBlue at worcester today. American went to the new schedule for their flight from JFK to ORH and arrive and departed 1-2 hours behind schedule. The delta flight arrived on time, but departed an hour late. Unsure the cause whether it was mechanical issue or the crew at the airport didn’t have time to get the JetBlue and delta flight out of here while expecting American to be there as well. Still some improvements but a lot better today than what has been seen the past 4-5 days.
Anonymous said…
So recently, I’ve been looking at the aircraft that JetBlue uses for the Worcester flight from JFK and FLL. The JFK flight that was suppose to arrive at 1130 or so last night is in the air heading to Worcester as this comment is being typed. Now airlines are known for having their planes do multiple runs in one day, but JetBlue seems to be a little excessive with this. Here’s why: the E190 is one of the oldest aircraft in JetBlue’s fleet and this is what the company expects this aircraft arriving into worcester to do all on time and all in one day. This aircraft went from Raleigh Durham to Cancun, then Cancun to Raleigh Durham, then Raleigh Durham to JFK, then JFK to Buffalo, then Buffalo to JFK, and finally JFK to Worcester. I don’t get the thinking of how an older aircraft is suppose to do 6 flights in 15 hours and all make it in time but I feel like that’s the issue with JetBlue and their delays, if one of those flights gets delayed, then it’s a domino affect for the rest which is exactly what happened. That’s why you see the mid day turn have a better chance of being on time than the evening flight. But even then, on JetBlue’s website, the on time performance % for the mid day flight is only 37.5%?!? So people are more likely to not be in worcester when they’re suppose to be? Not good if you ask me. Even the FLL flight is only 56.25% with 31.25% of the time being delayed 30+ minutes. Doesn’t look good for an airline and scheduling when that’s happening. Which is also why they were ranked last place in on time performance. Yes, spirit had a better percentage of on time arrivals than jet blue did.