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JetBlue Makes Bid To Buy Spirit





Ex Spirit CEo on JetBlue board???



This is going to be a good battle


Anonymous said…
Not a fan of this. Not only does this wreck the possibly of a merger coming sooner, but it’s troubling if JetBlue buys them considering that JetBlue has said they haven’t made money since 2020. An airline losing money trying to buy an airline with a reputation where not many people like it is a huge concern because if this isn’t successful (assume JetBlue buys spirit), then JetBlue can be in trouble money wise. Also, if this happens, what would JetBlue think of expanding at worcester? Does it still happen possibly or is that no longer a thing.
Anonymous said…
Hopefully JetBlue stops this nonsense until it can actually get its own planes back into the sky and gets thousands of stranded travelers to their destinations.