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Flight April 20th

Yesterday JetBlue JFK at night came in after 1:00AM, while Fort Lauderdale never came in.  Obviously no FLL flight this morning since last night never came in.    

JetBlue has also cancelled JFK this morning 

***    Status below as of 4:35 PM April 20th



 LaGuardia 11:50AM to Worcester 1:04PM

 landed 12:44 PM

Worcester 2:10PM to LaGuardia 3:12PM

landed 3:19 PM



JFK 12:15PM to Worcester 1:19PM

 landed  1:03 PM

Worcester 2:11PM to JFK  3:29 PM  

 landed 3:07 PM



Worcester 7:22AM to JFK 8:14 AM


 JFK 12:05 PM to Worcester 1:07PM



Worcester  1:42PM to JFK  2:42PM

 landed  2:34

JFK 10:45PM to Worcester 11:45 PM

landed 11:28


Worcester 6:00AM to Fort Lauderdale 9:17AM


 Fort Lauderdale 7:40 PM to Worcester 10:47PM

           landed 11:16PM




Common Sense said…
Eventually, people are going to sacrifice the convenience of flying out of ORH for the reliability of flying out of other airports. It's nice to get free parking and quick TSA processing, but if I can't get to my destination it's a moot point.
Anonymous said…
I 100% agree with common sense on this. Was suppose to travel today with a connection in JFK, chose Boston over Worcester and if I chose Worcester, would’ve been screwed because of the am cancellation. The aircraft that brought people from JFK to ORH last night sat all night and is doing the flight from ORH to JFK this afternoon. Typically too, whatever flight (FLL or JFK) lands at ORH first, that aircraft is used for the FLL flight while the other one is used for the JFK am flight. But with the crew shortages JetBlue has, the schedule has been funky with their aircraft. Their VP of loyalty is changing for mosiac members because the original person is going to be VP of in flight experience. So that will be interesting to see because the requirements to be a mosaic member is a lot but if bad changes come to that, more people could potentially leave and try a different airline to get their top tier status. Especially with JetBlue’s troubles already, it wouldn’t surprise me if some people have done that already
Anonymous said…
It’s not like flying out of the largest airport in the region on JB is reliable. It’s JB, not ORH. I’ve gottten stuck flying BOS the last few weeks.
Common Sense said…
It's a shame because the knock on ORH since it opened was that its location on top of a 1,000 ft. hill caused frequent weather related delays and cancellations. Massport and the feds spent $30 million on the Cat III to solve most of those issues. Now it seems logistical, scheduling, mechanical and poor marketing are the issues. Massport used up all if its clout, leverage and good will to get these airlines to start service here. I'm not sure what they can do if these airlines want to treat us like an ugly step-child. Delta plans to add 100 daily flights at Logan in the next three years. When that happens it's not like they're going to take back their gates if they decide to pull out of ORH.