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Comment Kills Us

 I live in Franklin and always choose ORH. I tell everyone in town to do the same… it’s getting too tough now!! Too many flights are canceling. 

One of the JFK flights was canceled today and BOTH are canceled tomorrow. It’s a great airport when the flights actually take off… I was scheduled tomorrow and for the 2nd time in a row when flying out of ORH, I’m forced to pick a different airport with less than 24 hours notice. 




*** Editor's note:  We checked and both are cancelled today??




Anonymous said…
The comment was posted yesterday so he/she was referring to today. The FLL flight has been fine because it’s been high loads in the 80%+ range, but the JFK flight which is probably less than that they aren’t even bothering. Seems like it’s either have a good amount of people on it or don’t run the aircraft at all. If they only have 1 aircraft up at worcester airport, the FLL flight gets it over the JFK one and that one gets cancelled. Luckily with the Northeast alliance, the people on mid day flights trying to get to Worcester from JFK can use American but for the evening flight? Good luck getting back
Anonymous said…
FLL went off on time this (Tues) morning