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City Manager Augustus


Saw this comment:


 Ray Mariano had 9 reasons why Petty is running for State Senate. Augustus is leaving because of the 3 Ds: Debt (which he has racked up as City Manager) Diversity (which has been reported extensively on) and "Da" taxes he told Lucchino he did not have to pay contrary to the laws.


No sure about the "Diversity" one but are sure about the debt and the  lack of taxes on Polar Park and the Polar Park Parking Garage.      Our biggest concern with the current City Manager, however, is the precedent.  

Mulford or Hoover, we consider business managers, more so then politicians.   Also Mike O'Brien in this same category.    Do not see how anyone could have seen the the current City Manager anything but a political appointment.         

We can get away from this for the next City Manager by starting a national search, but something tells us that we have slipped down this slope and another "political insider' will be our next City Manager.  

 Being interesting if there are 4 votes this Tuesday to table Bautista as interim city manager.  Last week only needed 1 vote, this week you would need 4.




Anonymous said…
No doubt the bobbleheads will mess this up so the only question to ask now is why is Augustus leaving?