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April 25th Flights

Last night JFK came in late (1:50AM)

This morning  ORH-JFK cancelled

This afternoon JFK delayed both way

Tonight JFK cancelled

Not a good day

***   On the other hand must say American/Delta have been very consistent.



Worcester 7:22AM to JFK 8:14 AM


 JFK 12:05 PM to Worcester 1:07PM   

 Landed 2:21 PM   

Worcester  1:42PM to JFK  2:42PM

Landed 3:41 PM  

JFK 10:45PM to Worcester 11:45 PM



Worcester 6:00AM to Fort Lauderdale 9:17AM

Scheduled to land 8:46 AM  

 Fort Lauderdale 7:40 PM to Worcester 10:47PM

 10:47 landed



 LaGuardia 11:50AM to Worcester 1:04PM

Landed 12:39 PM 

Worcester 2:10PM to LaGuardia 3:12PM

Landed 3:14 PM



JFK 12:15PM to Worcester 1:19PM

Landed 12:54 PM 

Worcester 2:11PM to JFK  3:29 PM   

Landed 3:09 PM   



Anonymous said…
The plane that came in from JFK last night on Jetblue is doing the Fort Lauderdale flight tomorrow morning (so essentially the plane is sitting at the gate all day and night). Mid day JFK flight for JetBlue is delayed at least an hour already today. The evening flight has done decently well. It’s either cancelled or on time. Past 2 days it arrived 20-30 minutes early. Knock on wood, at least the cuts JetBlue made to flights, none affected Worcester but even if they would, not sure if many people would miss them considering how bad it’s been for the airline the whole month of April. They’ve gotten the quote that spirit and frontier has, “oh your flying with them, good luck making it to your destination.”