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April 24th Flights

Fort Lauderdale never came in last night.  Obviously this morning was cancelled, but tonight is scheduled on time...     

JFK got off on time and landed early..




Worcester 7:22AM to JFK 8:14 AM

Landed 8:15AM

 JFK 12:05 PM to Worcester 1:07PM   

 Landed 1:50 PM 

Worcester  1:42PM to JFK  2:42PM

Landed 3:41 PM

JFK 10:45PM to Worcester 11:45 PM

landed 1:50 AM


Worcester 6:00AM to Fort Lauderdale 9:17AM


 Fort Lauderdale 7:40 PM to Worcester 10:47PM

 Landed 10:28 PM



 LaGuardia 11:50AM to Worcester 1:04PM

Landed 1:17 PM 

Worcester 2:10PM to LaGuardia 3:12PM

Landed 3:29 PM 



JFK 12:15PM to Worcester 1:19PM

Landed 1:03 PM

Worcester 2:11PM to JFK  3:29 PM   

Landed 3:36 PM  



Anonymous said…
Why do we have 3 flights to NYC all at the same time??? 12pm? We need American 6pm instead