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April 23 rd Flights

F----....      We were doing good

Fort Lauderdale Inbound tonight cancelled!!!    Which means tomorrow to Fort Lauderdale is cancelled.   These flights coming in so late are bound to have some problems during the day somewhere??

Tonight inbound to from JFK is still on...    So you could always take flight to JFK in morning and transfer to Fort Lauderdale.



Worcester 7:22AM to JFK 8:14 AM

Landed 8:16 AM

 JFK 12:05 PM to Worcester 1:07PM

Landed 1:00 PM   


Worcester  1:42PM to JFK  2:42PM

Landed 2:36 PM

JFK 10:45PM to Worcester 11:45 PM

Landed 11:37PM 


Worcester 6:00AM to Fort Lauderdale 9:17AM

landed 8:32 AM  

 Fort Lauderdale 7:40 PM to Worcester 10:47PM




 No Flights on Saturday



JFK 12:15PM to Worcester 1:19PM

Landed 1:08 PM

Worcester 2:11PM to JFK  3:29 PM  

Landed 3:05 PM



Jeremy said…
Delta passenger loads averaging around 70% over the last week. Very good numbers, really hope we get a 2nd flight in the fall.