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 Lets not make this a Worcester problem or an E190 issue either. Did you see the news this morning? WCVB reported jetblue had 30 cancelations at Logan yesterday, and 20 so far this morning. Digging a little deeper (which I wish some commenters would do before lobbing grenades), they had a total of 161 (15%) cancelations yesterday. Buckle your seat belts, so far today..... 272, 31 in Boston. And lets not blame jetblue either. 


 The whole industry has more potholes than the streets of Worcester. WCVB reported that Alaska stranded 15,000 passengers because of labor issues and over 1000 Southwest flights were delayed or cancelled due to computer problems 520 (14%) cancelled. Oh, by the way yesterday , AA cancelled 12% 350. 

The only shining light appears to be Delta with "only" 238 (8%) cancelled. So, if you dont think this doesnt look good for Worcester, good luck getting on an airplane anywhere right now




Anonymous said…
JetBlue was responsible for the most delays and cancellations this past weekend and so far today. Still an issue but luckily the flights are slowly coming back and hopefully it’s not a case like we saw back in January.

Also, American’s flight becomes a mid day turn starting tomorrow. Not a fan of this because there won’t be an option to JFK anytime soon for a late afternoon flight which can be good because later flights are usually the cheapest and it doesn’t make sense that all 3 airlines are arriving and leaving for NYC at the same exact time. This will be the case until June 6th, when Delta will arrive at 3:15pm and leave ORH at 4:59pm. JetBlue is moving their mid day turn to a late morning turn on May 4th arriving at 10:08am and leaving ORH at 11:05am so a little bit of a difference but not much. Not seeing how the JFK flights for JetBlue being 4 hours apart make sense or all 3 JFK flights being less than 8 hours apart does either.