Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Polar Park Oversight Board


Besides asking for

  •  a monthly report updating Polar Park DIF revenues for the current fiscal year versus the corresponding bond payments for that fiscal year...

They could help taxpayers get answers to the outstanding questions (1-2-3-6-8-9) below:



  1. Updated pro forma reflecting current costs of at least $159,500,000 and no development from Phase I
  2. An Auditor's report on the updated pro forma
  3. Final Costs of Polar Park.   It sure is more then $159,500,000.  We are guessing $175,000,000.
  4.  Completed LDA of  the Left Building Site.--DONE!!!
  5. When will Madison actually break ground on any of their projects??? THIS HAS OCCURRED
  6. Who is paying for Polar Park police details??   
  7. Where is  the new Polar park Commisson?  DONE THEY HAVE HAD MEETINGS
  8.  Are real estate taxes going to be paid on the $175 million ballpark which is being leased to a for profit organization.
  9. No taxes on the parking garage???? 


Anonymous said…
Real estate taxes being paid should be the first item on their list.
Anonymous said…
Funny how Ed Augustus is clearing our right before the next budget. This budget may finally lay out how big is shortfall that Polar Park has created and how much of a tax increase that everybody not named Lucchino or Steinberg will be paying
David Z. said…
Ed is actually staying to substantially complete the next budget which is why he’s leaving on 5/31. He could have given the CC only a 30-day notice required by his contract but wanted to complete the budget process before leaving city hall.
Anonymous said…
I assume there will be a deficit because the development is so far behind so I also assume they will cook the books so no one knows until Augustus is gone.
Anonymous said…
Is it just me but does it seem like an excessive amount of time to pour the foundation on the first building that was supposed to be completed four years ago?
Anonymous said…
The patch is reporting that the developer is non compliant with hiring reporting as required by the TIF.
Anonymous said…
Well maybe they are out of compliance. There are Union people protesting the site every day
Anonymous said…
Also, one of the contractors was just hit with a 17,000.00 fine for asbestos violations.