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Polar Park Oversight Board

 We were thinking about forwarding some of our questions from "Where's Waldo" the Polar Park Oversight Board to be on the agenda for their next meeting.


  1. Final cost of Polar Park?
  2. Why no property taxes on stadium?
  3. Why no property taxes on parking garage?
 **  seems like these are the type of questions an oversight board would want???

Anyone see anything on the City Website for this board????

How to reach them???




Anonymous said…
If you go on the City's webpage there is a link to the board and their agendas. Their meeting is also on the video on demand and I just watched it.I will say I was impressed listening to the two woman seated to the left and another woman who I believe is from the City sitting at a table to the left. I don't know what they can get accomplished but they were very engaged.