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Massachusetts JetBlue passengers left waiting on plane after airport crew leaves for night

 Not a good look for our airport???



Anonymous said…
My husband and I fly out of Worcester on JetBlue every three weeks and let me tell you, in the past six months we have had four flights that were over three hours delayed and NONE were weather related. All mechanical issues that had been fixed BUT we had to wait for a lead mechanic from Boston to come and sign off on the repairs. Seriously?! Extremely inconvenient and annoying! Let’s just continually disrupt the travel plans of our customers because we don’t want to pay for a local lead mechanic. Two of these delays were a $100 refund for each passenger and two were $50 refund each. Wouldn’t you think that that money would be much better spent on a mechanic AT the airport? The planes flying out of there are old and need repairs often. We’re rethinking if the “convenience” of Worcester is worth it anymore.
wormtown said…
Must be related to Polar Park.
Unknown said…
RE: Planes are old. Your info is inaccurate. Delta has the oldest fleet and Frontier the youngest. JetBlue in the middle.
Anonymous said…
Delta’s planes are 14 years old on average. JetBlue’s E190s (which fly out of Worcester) are 12.4 years old so not far behind.
Anonymous said…
Flights for FLL are still looking very good. Very popular flight tonight and tomorrow morning that they’re using the A321 instead of the E190.
Rusty said…
Just to clear this up…..
Unfortunately this is a case of the news spinning any story they can get their hands on. So here’s what happened. A jetbridge is something an operator must be signed off on using. Akin to a forklift liscence. It’s big, moves. Is full of hydraulic’s & if used improperly can cause serious damage to the aircraft or even people (example the jetbridge that shifted mid pax board in Miami last year).
In this particular case everyone who was signed off to operate the jetbridge all called out (lazy people). So JetBlue had to call in someone who was not working that shift to cover. The employee’s called out last minute, the replacement didn’t get to the airport until after the plane landed.
This is a simple case of several people calling out at the same time for their shift. Has nothing to do with JetBlue or the employer who runs the ground operations there. Just poor employees Who called out for their shift.
Something like this is not really newsworthy at all however it seems that anything and everything is newsworthy when it comes to this airport.
IMO should not have even been a story

Common Sense said…
This story has gone national. Just saw it on Fox Business News.
Anonymous said…