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jetBlue Fort Lauderdale Flight Returns to Worcester At 1:13AM?????

 The schedule use to be


  • 6:00 AM Worcester to Fort Lauderdale 9:29AM
  • 7:24 PM Fort Lauderdale to Worcester 10:28 PM


Now the schedule is


  • 5:30 am  Worcester to Fort Lauderdale 9:02AM
  • 10:09 PM  Fort Lauderdale to Worcester 1:13 AM

Keeping  in mind we are the biggest supporters of Worcester Airport.  We can say 5:30AM maybe, although pretty early, but a return at 1:13AM!!!!

Sometimes you got to wonder if Massport/JetBlue is trying to make Worcester succeed or not???



Anonymous said…
I totally agree that this flight is very late for ORH. But to be honest, I could've used this flight in January when I went to the Patriots/Dolphins game.

Flew out of ORH in the morning, which was awesome, but had to change my return flight from ORH to BOS due to the ORH return flight being too early after the game. Arrived in BOS at 1AM then had to Uber back to ORH to get my car; wasn't ideal at all.

JetBlue should add a second FLL and the MCO flight back, it would be perfect; but at the same time one can connect thru JFK (JetBlue/American) or LaGuardia (Delta). So there are options at this point, not a make or break. Definitely, there would be much more convenient to some people to have earlier return non-stop flight.
Anonymous said…
Seems like it depends on the month. Just looked at Google flights for the times on that one. April they leave at 735 then the summer they leave between 835 and 850. Plus the arrival times aren’t always right because they can change based off of weather, traffic (at the airport), and wind. I remember in January I took the flight to Fort Lauderdale, left worcester 35 minutes late because of a light coating of snow so they had to clear one of the runways but we still got to Fort Lauderdale early. Some flights can be quick or longer. For example, when I flew the flight from LaGuardia to ORH, that took 28 minutes and it was scheduled for 57. Airlines just overshoot their arrival times because they don’t want to be marked late because it looks bad for the airlines.

I think the Fort Lauderdale time is alright. Yes you may get to worcester at 1am which sucks but you still technically get a full day being down in Florida. If you can find a place to put your bags like a rental car. Most rental car places charge by the day so you can keep your rental car for the full day and drop it off when you go to the airport and your fine. Worst case scenario too, you can take a connecting flight and arrive midday at worcester airport. JetBlue and delta arrive at 1pm but in the summer delta is going to arrive at 5pm and JetBlue 2pm which is still great because for delta you don’t have to get up at 5am to get to the airport to make that connection to worcester.

One thing I will mention that I don’t get, the schedules from NYC (LGA and JFK) to ORH. Three things to point out: after September 7th, there is no longer a mid day JetBlue turn for you to book from JFK. Starting April 5th, American is switching the time of their flight to leave JFK and arrive at ORH 10 minutes after JetBlue does. That means that all 3 airlines flights to/from NYC are arriving and leaving at the same time to and from ORH with no other flight time unless it’s early morning or late evening until delta moves to a 340 takeoff from LGA to a 450 arrive into ORH on June 6th (JetBlue is moving there’s but only by an hour). One good thing to point out at least, the non stop flight to Fort Lauderdale with JetBlue, and the connecting flight with delta to LGA can be booked out to 2023 which is good.