Fiscal 2023 DIF Account


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The City's financials are on their website. Rough numbers, the pensions are $500,000,000.00, OPEB is $1,500,000,000.00 and bonds are $1,000,000,000.00. All together they total $3,000,000,000.00, three billion. That is a lot of zeros.


ORH Fan said…
In other news New Haven Airport is booming and adding more and more flights. I'm beginning to think that the management at Worcester Airport sucks. I hate being that way but it's pretty pathetic how badly this airport is being run.
Anonymous said…
Heard a rumor that if spirit/frontier does end up coming to worcester airport, the first destination will possibly be Tampa. Also heard a rumor that delta might be trying to get a route to Florida as well. The LaGuardia flight has been decent lately but April vacation for WPS, loads are in the 70%+ range. The flight on April 25th is already sold out from LGA to ORH and flights for vacation from ORH to LGA are in the 70%+ load factor as well. I definitely think when the summer comes, that delta flight is going to be very successful. Keep in mind too that the flight does not run on Saturdays either and is the only flight to not run 7 days a week.
If delta runs a trip to Florida like Orlando or to a different popular destination like Myrtle Beach, it has the potential to be successful. Delta could use the A220-100 (which is similar seating capacity to the E190 JetBlue has) and make it a popular route. I think one reason JetBlue hasn’t jumped the gun on doing it again is because they’re more focused on retiring the E190s and adding the A220s into their system and don’t want new routes to use the E190. Boston just got non stop service to Milwaukee and they’re using the A220 for that. Boston to Nashville will be getting it in a couple of weeks and Boston to Charleston South Carolina as well will use the A220 instead of the E190.
Anonymous said…
Ray Mariano had 9 reasons why Petty is running for State Senate. Augustus is leaving because of the 3 Ds: Debt (which he has racked up as City Manager) Diversity (which has been reported extensively on) and "Da" taxes he told Lucchino he did not have to pay contrary to the laws.
Anonymous said…
If Delta adde Atlanta, it’s hub, then it would really shine (if Massport actually markets the airport, that is).

I just did a round trip this week to Las Vegas. The only reason that I used Logan was the connection, which I wouldn’t mind and have done, but the timing of arrival was important for my meeting schedules and I needed to reduce the risk of delays, etc.

Otherwise I’d prefer to use ORH every time, even for long flights.