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Airport : Great Comments

Been busy but wanted to catch up on the airport and a couple great comments that we read here.


1)    Avelo already talking about expanding in New Haven.

 If Massport could get someone in here and focus on leisure destinations I think it would be wildly successful. As it is, there is almost zero marketing of Worcester Airport so it's set up to fail as is. I know they say they are on social media, etc. but there is a disconnect somewhere. 

I knew nothing of the free parking being offered at the airport until I read it on this blog and I live a little over 3 miles from the airport and drive by it multiple times a week. My neighbors also just flew to Fort Lauderdale and I was surprised to find out they were flying out of Boston. 

They had no idea they could get a nonstop flight a little over 3 miles from their house. Obviously whatever little marketing of the airport they are doing isn't working when people who live close by don't have a clue of what is offered there. I mentioned this previously but they have completely squandered a great marketing opportunity with the free parking that is being offered. 

2)   Now that JB has the code share, and those 2 NYC flights are only an hour apart. They may switch destination to Orlando.


3)    Was just looking at flights for June 30th. The code share is now there. JB now shows 3 daily flights to JFK




Anonymous said…
I flew ORH FLL round trip last week and it was flawless.
I really needed to go to Miami and I could have done a direct flight from BOS or done the ORH-JFK-MIA but it was too easy to just fly to FLL direct from right here and take an Uber. Certainly beats to drive to BOS before dawn.

The flight each way was about 65% full and these were both weekday flights, not weekend or holiday.