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 Avelo probably won’t be in Worcester anytime soon. New Haven is one of two main hubs and they want to keep it that way. The only thing they would consider would be a new haven to worcester flight which would most likely not happen. It will be a very long time until there would be consideration from Worcester and other points with them. They want to be safe for now because costly mistakes will make the airline lose money quick. 


For Breeze, I still think they’ll wait. Breeze and avelo are waiting to expand to other airports and see how their flights at the main hubs will be before expanding. Although a Worcester to Florida flight would be a no brainer, it’s different when a well known airline would offer the flight versus a startup airline not many people know about. I think that’s why Massport has been targeting spirit/frontier instead of one of them. Since spirit and frontier are known airlines, people would fly them to popular destinations whereas not many people would want to chance a new airline not knowing enough about it. 


I’m not saying it would fail if they did, a route like Worcester to West Palm Beach for example would be more likely to have success from the start if spirit or JetBlue did it versus breeze or avelo since almost everyone knows about spirit and JetBlue. I feel like what massport should do is target spirit/frontier to Myrtle Beach since that was averaging 80%+ before it was suspended back in 2012, delta flight to Atlanta using delta connection or their regular delta aircraft. 


There’s so much that delta can do with this and if you look up connecting airports for Delta’s flights when traveling South or to the southwest, the three are JFK, LGA, and Atlanta. With Atlanta being delta’s main hub this would be a no brainer for a early morning flight. Target a flight to Orlando as well as another Florida destination that isn’t Orlando. West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Tampa, Miami. Any of those destinations would work and be successful especially if JetBlue Delta or Spirit offered it (American doesn’t offer a lot of direct flights to leisure destinations and require a connection typically)




Common Sense said…
Delta had a flight from ORH to Atlanta in the past that was cancelled due to poor load factors. I don't expect Delta will be here in 6 months as their LaGuardia flight is a flop just like their Detroit flight was.
Common Sense said…
I think in 2-3 years the airport will be mostly a cargo facility (Amazon). Possibly JB will still be here with their 2-3 flights a day, but that's it.
Rusty said…
Common sense, the last time Delta was @ ORH was in the ‘80’s…hardly a comparison to todays load factors in regards to pax to Atlanta. And no….the Detroit flight did fantastic up until COVID. It was consistently in the 85-90% load factor range. Unsure what the current LGA flight is doing for load factors.
Anonymous said…
As long as there is a connection from ORah to a major hub and some direct flights to leisure destinations, ORH can succeed

I fly a LOT and using ORH is a major relief/convenience/ stress reducer/ time saver. Its not even close,

I typically don’t like to use connecting flights, but with not checking luggage, using Clear and PreCheck that cuts down a lot of the connecting risks (in non winter storm times, anyway). But, given the convenience and the timing I’m flying to California direct fromLogan and returning via JFK to ORH. Returns to both BOS and ORH were after 11pm, so coming back to ORH with a 5 minute drive home is a no brained.
Common Sense said…
ORH had connections to major hubs and leisure destinations throughout the 80's and 90's yet it turned into a situation where the airport didn't have any commercial service for 10 years. Just not ready to declare things a success because 300 people a day use the airport. Plus, absolutely no marketing being done to promote these flights. It's a shame that we have residents that live 2 miles from the airport that don't know anything about these flights. I'm rooting strongly for the airport, but until that changes I'm somewhat guarded.
Anonymous said…
Common Sense, you are spot on about the lack of marketing. That definitely needs to change.
Anonymous said…
Last night I flew to JFK from Southern California on Jet Blue and connected to Worcester.
It was seamless and landed about the same time that the JetBlue direct flight would have landed in Boston. I had a 5 minute drive home instead of an hour at 11:30 PM

Having these flights at ORH is a boon to people in the area that travel.