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WBJ Brad Kane In This Issue: Extra Scrutiny for Polar Park

In the last issue of WBJ (January 24th), the editor Brad Kane discussed the column by Katherine Hamilton, which is real good as we mentioned here and a "must read".   

He also went on to say

  • Hamilton's tone is more reflective of the critical eye WBJ has had toward the Polar Park project basically since the beginning
  • Long bothered him that no other local media outlets share this philosophy about Polar Park
  • WBJ often stands alone holding the project to account 


Obviously this blog is not the Telegram & Gazette, Masslive or Spectrum News 1, but nobody has held this "project to account" more then us!!!    

WBJ you are not alone???

BTW Brad, we believe that the Hartford Business Journal has the same owner as the Worcester Business Journal.  It would be a great column comparing the stadiums in both cities.




Anonymous said…
Look what i came across!

ORH included in this deal:

Anonymous said…
I hope there was no blow back from the article, I thought it was well written. Considering the reporter has a masters in planning who better to write a piece on an urban renewal project since she has the educational and professional background for such a column. It’s not like they just assigned this column to a sports reporter with nothing to write on this week. Let’s not forget this is the Worcester BUSINESS Journal.
Bill Randell said…
It was a great column by Katherine Hamilton??

Do not forget Grant Welker did a very good job previous to her.
Anonymous said…
I just searched for and read to the Brad Kane editorial which you reference. If you can you should post a link so people can read it. I will say that the ball park is generally an improvement to the area, with the exception of parking (which Masslive originally reported -once). I think the issue which I am concerned with is the promise that the expenditure of public funds on a private venture will not cost us any money and the lack of transparency by the City on the project generally. Getting facts out to the public is the basic function of an independent press and the WBJ is doing there job. Other media sources have reported on the delay in development, the downsizing of the Cove but non of these media sources put the articles in context, which the WBJ did. This project is like no other project the City has undertaken, both in terms of approach, building a public building for the benefit of a private company, or scope, $175 million, and the public scrutiny should be raised accordingly. It is a shame that a local media source needs to fill this void because our local officials have abdicated their responsibilities.
Anonymous said…
The Hartford/Worcester comparison would be interesting since Hartford was a few years ahead of us.