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7 hours ago
Did a little research as far as ORH. Checked all of our college websites for mention of our airport. WPI and Clark had a direct link to the Massport WRA site. 
The transportation section on the Holy Cross website only mentions Logan. The transportation section on the UMass Chan Medcal School site (that all the students, visitors and researchers access) only mentions Logan, Green and Bradley. 
Maybe Mr. Davis or one of his managers can look into this?
Understanding the development is like putting together a puzzle. You have to get pieces from different articles and sources, mostly the Worcester Business Journal. 
Today's piece comes from the T&G where they report the Table Talk building has been sold. In the article they announced a six phase project. How long will six phases take to complete? 
Also a few weeks ago I took some time to try to understand the proforma you posted the link to. One thing I just realized is that pro forma was when the ball park was expected to cost $100,000,000. Since the ball park has cost $175,000,000 I just realized the bond payments are too low which makes the problem much worse.