Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Proforma Update

Now ask yourself this question, how much better would everyone understand exactly where we stood if we had an updated accurate proforma:

  1. Showing updated bond payments based on new costs
  2. Showing updated revenues based on state of private developments

If we were able to do a proforma when we had nothing, it should be easy to do one now when we have actual expenses and revenues??


Anonymous said…
Jeez I wonder why flights out of ORH are empty...

The cost of an AA ticket in March
Anonymous said…
I would be interested in seeing the financials too. I do not know how the construction costs could increase $75 million over budget,have the development delayed and downsized and still have the project costs covered. I realize new projects have been announced, but even the Cove project has decreased in size from when it was announced afew months back. I don't know how big the Table Talk project is but converting that to housing can't be quick or easy which probably means the revenues are years away. When the information is not out in the public people just automatically assume the news is not good. It is just human nature. I think the City would be well served to present the financials publically like when they were trying to gather support for the project, otherwise people are going to continue to speculate that the project is running in the red.